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Glycerin is a thick, colorless liquid that is a natural humectant, meaning that it attracts moisture. This makes it a great hair and skin conditioner.  There are 3 forms of glycerin and these depend on where the glycerine is derived from. The 3 types of Glycerin are, Vegetable Glycerin, which is derived from Shea butter and coconut oil, Animal Glycerin which is derived from animal fat and Synthetic Glycerin which is derived from a petrochemical process. Nashe Organics Vegetable Glycerin is sourced from a reputable source with certification and is derived from vegetable oil.

Benefits of Glycerine for hair

  • Glycerine is a humectant. So it improves natural hair moisture retention
  • Improves hair elasticity.
  • It also helps to prevent hair breakage thereby helping you to retain length
  • It improves hair strength.
  • It is a great conditioner for brittle, dry or frizzy hair.
  • Makes hair smooth, soft and manageable
  • It is great curl definer
  • Great for naturally kinky and curly hair.
  • Great emulsifier for your oils and water in your spritzer.

Benefits of Glycerine for skin

  • Great skin moisturiser all year round but especially in winter months
  • Helps the skin to retain moisture for longer
  • Skin feels supple and soft all day

How to use Glycerine for your hair

As a Spritz

You will need

  1. Spray bottle
  2. 70 ml distilled/filtered/previously boiled water
  3. 5 – 10 ml glycerine
  4. 20 ml of oils of choice, you can choose from olive oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil etc
  5. A few drops of essential oils. What comes to mind is tea tree oil if you’re going to spraying on your scalp as well, lavender oil, rosemary etc.

NB. You can make a spritz from glycerine and water alone so the rest of the ingredients are optional. You can also just add glycerine to your original spritz formula.

Adding to conditioner or other products to upgrade them a bit.

  • Add 5 ml to the amount of rinse out conditioner you will be using on that day. Glycerine mixes well so no need for heavy mixing.


How to use Glycerine on your skin

  • Add 5 – 10 ml  of glycerine to your whipped Shea butter mix, and hand and body lotion.
  • Always dilute glycerine before using on the skin.


  • Glycerine is great for natural hair. However, it is not so great for relaxed hair. It may cause breakage
  • Glycerine MUST be used diluted, in water or added to other products to boost their efficiency. Using it straight on the hair or skin may make your skin to blister and your hair to break. So Glycerine MUST be used very sparingly. A little goes a very long way. You can check below for some DIY recipes on how to use Glycerine for either skin or hair
  • In very humid temperatures, a lot of glycerine in a product for your hair care will cause frizz and your hair to shrink. So if you want your hair straight or stretched, it’s not a glycerine day.
  • In very dry climates, glycerine may attract the moisture from your hair to itself. This is not good because it leaves your hair dry and prone to breakage. So use Glycerine sparingly to get the benefits of softer hair that is easier to handle. You should be adding moisture (water) to your hair very often anyway if you live in a dry climate or you are experiencing dry weather months.
  • If a lot of Glycerine is used, no matter the climate, your hair or skin will feel sticky and that’s not a good feeling. Remember, a little goes a very long way. Use sparingly.


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