Satin Tie Bonnet – Double sided, Reversible

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Reversible double sided satin bonnet with tie bands. No elastic


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Our satin bonnets are a must have. Made of double satin fabric of high quality to protect your hair while you dream away in your sleep, they do not fall off and the much needed moisture for optimum hair growth stays where it’s supposed to be. On your tresses. These ones are double sided with two shades so you can choose your match  Available in pink, light grape, sepia brown, beige and also in crimson glory.


  • Protects the hair from rubbing against bedding
  • Preserves the style for the next day
  • helps when deep conditioning and oil treatments
  • Double sided so you can enjoy both sides of your bonnet.
  • Ties to secure your bonnet on your head which does not leave marks in the morning
  • Flat on the section that lays on your hairline to give you slicked flat edges in the morning and kind to hairline

Caution ~ the darker colours may cause some staining on light coloured bedding and other surfaces

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Weight 100 g

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