Nashe Organics Kiddies Detangler 100 ml

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No more ouch moments when dealing with your child’s hair. This water based detangler, packed with conditioners and actives that are specific to detangling and improving wet combing of coily, curly hair is here to resolve those challenges for you and your child. Allows your little ones not to hurt and hate on their natural hair. Experiences with hair when we are younger help to shape our attitude towards our hair even when we are older. A great experience now will help your child see the beauty of natural hair because there is no pain, trauma and lot’s of ouch moments associated with having nappy hair or deeply coily hair.

Used to detangle hair before washing to remove knots and shed hair. Especially after a protective style.

Used after washing the hair as a leave in conditioner to detangle before styling and improve wet combing.

Used on dry hair to add moisture to the hair and reduce breakage due to dryness.

With provitamin B5 that thickens and strengthens your hair and helps with detangling.


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