When I started my healthy hair journey, back in January of 2011, I knew I had to do it right this time in order to succeed. I researched thoroughly by reading journals, blogs, forums and watching videos on natural hair. I joined different hair networking sites just to get as much knowledge and support as possible to help me along the journey.  I even started blogging about my hair journey and all was well, I bet for a while. However, most of these ladies were from America and Europe. The products they were using were not readily available in South Africa. One product I could not seem to get my hands on was Shea butter until a certain gentleman I asked in Dischem told me where to look. I did a twist out with the Shea butter and the results were amazing. I posted the photos on my blog and received comments asking me where I got my Shea Butter. My close friends literally came home to get some Shea butter from my jar which I had whipped up for my own use. This is when Natural Moisture was conceived. I knew many people were in the same shoes I had been in a few weeks back and were really looking for this product. I decided to provide this product to my readers and the public and so Natural Moisture was born on the 2nd of April 2013 and has been providing these amazing products to you ever since.

Our Philosophy

Natural products are by far the best in caring for our hair be it natural or chemically altered. By including only natural ingredients in our products, we want to ensure that you will indeed be able to provide the best for your hair and attain a healthy mane of hair that will leave people asking, “What are you using on your hair?” every where you go.