Do you have a question about our products or anything concerning hair, email us or go to contact us page and ask your question. We will do our best to answer it. Below are some of the question we have answered.


Shipping Methods

What kind of shipping methods do you use? 


We use third party shipping services which are courier  and via the SAPO.

For courier, we use Dawn Wing for orders going out of Gauteng, within South Africa and it takes 2 to 3 days to get your order once order has been paid for. Delivery is at your door.

For local orders, that is in Gauteng, we use Courier Guy and orders get to customers on the same day for orders made and paid for before 0830 hrs and the next business day for orders done and paid for later in the day. This is only available  for addresses in main centers, towns and where courier guy services twice a day. All outlying areas where courier guy uses third parties o deliver or do not service the area twice a day, delivery takes a day or 2. Delivery is at your door.

All international orders are shipped via the South African Post Office.

All online orders can be collected from our Johannesburg shop only. You cannot collect an online order from any of our Distributors. You can however order from our distributors directly and pay there.

SAPO is an option for all orders within South Africa. However, you will have to go to your local post office to collect your order. Once we have posted your order, we will send you via email, your tracking number which you can then present at your local Post Office even before you get a collection slip.

If my goods get damaged or go missing while in transit, will Natural Moisture refund or replace my order?

Orders shipped via our courier partners, damaged or missing orders will be traced, investigated and refunded or replaced.

Orders shipped via the SAPO, damaged or missing orders will not be replaced or refunded. We do not have any control over the operations of the SAPO and it has been found not to be very reliable in shipping of goods. Therefore, the SAPO option is at the customers risk. Although we have never had an issue of an order getting lost, we have had one incident of an order being opened and contents stolen and another where box contents were damaged. These are however isolated incidences of some of the risks that are associated with shipping via the SAPO.

Returns Policy

If I am not satisfied with my order, will I be able to get a refund or order replaced?

You will need to report such dissatisfaction to natural Moisture within 7 days of receiving. You will need to pack the order in its original packaging and Natural Moisture will arrange for collection if the courier shipping option was chosen at first If you collected your order, you will need to come with the faulty order to the Shop. If the SAPO was used, order may be sent back to Natural Moisture via Post. Natural Moisture will investigate the reason why the order or part of an order was returned and if it’s found to be a defect caused by Natural Moisture, you will be refunded for the returned goods only. If the whole order has been returned, you will be refunded the whole order including shipping or your order will be replaced and sent to you at our cost.

If the 7 days window period to return any faulty product has passed, what can I do?

If you find that you do not like any of our products but the 7 days return period has passed, please write us an email and each case will be dealt with on merit. However, you cannot return anything that has been partially used because they are of personal nature. But we will be glad to hear from you and all feedback is welcome as we continually learn and improve on how to serve you better.


Berenice says: I’m so excited to see that you are selling Jamaican Black Castor oil… J J I don’t see smaller bottles though? Do you perhaps have 60ml in stock of Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil 2oz (60ml)

What is the difference between the Shea Butter Twist and Shine and the new Unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana?

Ruth (for Natural Moisture) says: Unfortunately we do not have 60 ml of the extra dark Jamaican Castor oil. Only 120 ml. The difference between the twist and shine and the unrefined Shea butter from Ghana is for one, the place of origin of the Shea butter. The twist and shine’s Shea butter comes from Benin. The other thing is that, the one from Ghana is still raw as in, nothing has been added to it and it is not whipped while the twist & shine is whipped and has other oils added to it.

Kind regards


10 August 2013 via gmail

Kudakwashe writes: Hie my name is Kudakwashe.I am 18 and l have been keeping my natural hair since I was 14 but it seems as if it has stopped growing.what should l apply on it? I would like to make it stronger as well because l have baby hair.

Ruth (for Natural Moisture) says: Hey Kuda. Hope you are well. Your hair is growing all the time. But it is probably breaking off as fast as it grows that is the reason you may think it has stopped growing. My advice, up your moisture in your hair. By this I mean water moisture. Our hair is quite dry because of its texture and because it is dry, it becomes brittle and prone to breakage. So by moisturising it, you will be keeping it soft and less prone to breakage. You can also do some protective styling to get more body. Continuous manipulation of hair sometimes makes it to thin out even more especially if one has fine hair. Explore on low manipulation hairstyles that you can do with your hair and it should improve in volume and body. Co-wash your hair as well to improve its health instead of shampooing and also make sure your hair and scalp is clean and free from buildup. Use natural moisturisers like oils and butters that do not have mineral oil in them and see if your hair likes it. Change things up a bit and see how it goes. I hope this helps. God bless.

P.S Forgot to say, you should also deep condition your hair, do oil treatments and listen to what it needs most and supply exactly that.

07 August 2013 via gmail

Antoinette wrote: Good day, I would like to purchase the satin bonnets and scarfs. How would i go about doing this and how long would it take for me to received them? Regards Antoinette

Ruth (for Natural Moisture) says:

Good day Antoinette

Please may you supply us with your delivery address and the quantities you want then we will generate an invoice for you. Delivery is by SAPO at a R40 charge for 1kg or less for South African orders. Your purchase will take 3 to 5 working days to get to you if you are in South Africa

Berenice writes: Can I use tresemme naturals conditioner as a leave in conditioner?Also like to find out from you, can I apply the Extra Virgin Olive Oil  and Extra Virgin Coconut oil to scalp as well?

Ruth (for Natural Moisture) says: As for the Extra Virgin Coconut oil and the EVOO 4 hair, if you do not have a dandruff problem because of fungus, I say, why not. However, if you are like me with dandruff problems, only apply yo your hair and leave the scalp alone. It will obviously get some from the hair when you wash it out but that is about all it will need. I use the oils for pre-pooing and to seal moisture. I apply mainly on the ends so that they last longer. I also add EVOO to my conditioner for deep conditioning. EVCO is mainly for that healthier shine and how it makes my hair feel so soft and yet rich. Hope this will help.